Colour PsychoDynamics® Profiling

Discover the blueprint for living a life you love

Are you a creative Violet leader or a go-getting independent Red?

Knowing your Colour Profile means the difference between forcing yourself to be someone you’re not or stripping away others’ expectations to reveal the blueprint of the richness of who you already are. Knowing your Colour PsychoDynamics® Profile enables you to live the life you love and to unfold and blossom into the person you were born to be. 

Colour PsychoDynamics® Profiling, created and developed by Mark Wentworth, is a three-stage growth model for translating and understanding an individual, a couple, a business, or a team through the archetypal language of colour. It brings to light natural strengths, highlights possible challenges and reveals latent potentials.

I act as your guide to reveal and translate the colour codes hidden within your profile. The colour codes combined with your full profile become your map for helping and supporting you to become and grow into the greatest version of yourself.

£55.00 per hour session

If any of my services would like to be held at the customers house, I would charge a flat rate of £20 for time and mileage.

When we give ourselves permission to be who we were born to be, it is one of the most precious gifts you can give to the world, and ultimately to ourselves.  

“Only within yourself exists the other reality for which you long.
I can give you nothing that has not already its being within yourself.
I can throw open to you no picture gallery but your own Soul.”

Hermann Hesse
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