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Your Personal Colour and Style Consultant Tory Johnson

My husband first introduced me to Colour Me Beautiful when he bought me a consultation with a colour and style consultant for Christmas. The experience was quite literally life changing. I no longer needed a wardrobe full of various shades of brown! Immediately, I began implementing the ideas and colour schemes I had been shown by my colour and style consultant into my wardrobe. Shopping had become so much easier! I got comments such as “You look well”, “That colour really suits you” and “Wow, I would never have put those two colours together, but they really work”. Furthermore, I realised there was definitely something to be said for wearing the right colours.

Colour me Beautiful

The comments gave me such a confidence boost! The more I thought about it, the more passionate I became about helping others to have the same amazing experience I had. I wanted to spread the word about personal colour palettes!

I trained with Europe’s leading image consultants, Colour Me Beautiful and have been a  fully qualified colour and style consultant for over ten years.

Over these years, I have become more intrigued by the deeper meaning of colour and have expanded my understanding into the universal characteristics of colour. This journey began by training in Colour Psychodynamic Profiling which has helped me to support people deepen their transformation from colour to wear, to colours that support them in life.

I’ve realised that by understanding my own patterns of behaviour through the language of colour, I can make more informed decisions creating balance and harmony internally. One detail I’ve discovered, is that to be my most creative, I need to go out and walk in the countryside and that it’s no good putting me in a small office with little natural light asking for the best of me. It may seem such a small detail that I’ve uncovered (amongst many others) but to me, it’s been hugely important and transformative and has empowered me when making decisions about taking my work forward.

Colour will always be an on-going adventure for me!

I have two children, Liv and Henry, so they are my number one priority but as they are a bit older now it is a lot easier to juggle work and family commitments.

When I am not using my colour drapes and developing colour profiles, I love to be outside in nature, walking in the countryside either by myself or with the family.

As a family our walks tend to be planned to finish up in a village pub! I also love wild swimming, paddle boarding (rivers and sea) and if I’m really lucky – horse riding.  Quiet times are really important to me too, just being able to sit and read, preferably in front of an open fire is bliss!

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