Transform with Colour

The home of Colour Me Beautiful Colour Consultant, Tory Tattersall.

Less than happy with the way you look?

Limited money to spend on clothes?

Always end up in black or dull colours because they’re comfortable?

Have you got a wardrobe full of those bargains that you had to have, but you’ve never worn?

Personal Colour Consultant's Colour Charts

Colour & Style Consultant

Transform with Colour

If any of the above sound familiar? As a personal colour consultant, I am here to show you how colours can work for you. As a fully qualified ‘Colour Me Beautiful‘ Colour Consultant, I can help you learn how to make wearing colour work for you.

Book an appointment with me for a Colour Consultation, where I’ll introduce you to a rich array of flattering tones, and present you with your personalised palette of colours for both clothing and make-up.

Getting to know you

As well as assessing your colouring and palette, I also get to know your personality, preferences and the practicalities of changing your look. Offering personal and friendly advice on how to accentuate your natural features and helping you to look fresh and full of vitality.

Wearing the right colours, matched with the correct make-up from the Colour Me Beautiful range, can brighten and enhance your features. I look forward to helping you to feel more confident and content with your look.