What do you wear to a Wedding/Formal Occasion?

There are so many different dress codes required for weddings or formal occasions these days and it can cause a lot of worry and stress trying to get your look right.

The first thing to do before you start your shopping trip, is to check with the bride or hosts as to what they would like.  Sometimes an invitation to a formal event may not mean floor length dresses and black tie, but simply something dressy and chic whether it be a cocktail dress or upmarket jump suit.  Once you know what is expected, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for in the shops, hopefully eliminating any awful moments of turning up to your event feeling you’ve got the wrong outfit on because you misinterpreted the invite.

The next couple of things to think about is where the wedding will be held – Church, hotel, garden, beach and what time of year it will be – i.e. think about the weather!!

A Church or hotel wedding is likely to be more dressy than a garden party or beach wedding.  If you are on a beach, will you need an outfit with a jacket, or will a pashmina be a better choice for when it gets chilly in the evening.  Like-wise will you be cold if you don’t have a jacket in the big Church or at an early Spring/Autumn/Winter wedding? Will you be spending more time indoors or outdoors?

What about colour?

Choose a colour that will flatter your natural colourings. Try to avoid black or white (unless it is a black and white themed wedding of course!), colour will flatter you far more – and think of the photos!!


Choose fabrics that are appropriate for the type of wedding you are attending and where it is – the last thing you need is a stiff restrictive fabric on a hot beach, but remember a fabric that has some shine or shimmer will make the outfit look more glam and elegant . If you have curves, opt for a softer fabric that is more fluid so your curves are accommodated and shown to their best advantage.  If your body shape is more straight line, then a more structured fabric will work best for you.

Accessories, nothing dates an outfit like an old pair of shoes.  Again, depending on the type of wedding – beach, indoors, garden, think about your shoes.  It is a good option to wear an outfit you already own and invest in some new shoes and accessories to make sure your look is up to date. This is the time to bring out the bling, this can be on your shoes, jewellery, belt or bag – just go for it, but don’t overdo it by having bling on everything!


As summer is the season for dressing up and special occasions – from a day at the races with friends to family weddings, there are lots of excuses to get glam! But don’t just limit hat wearing to the summer, hats can be worn all year round as long as they are the appropriate fabric/style for the time of year or location.

Hats have been an accessory of the chic and sophisticated for decades but in recent years the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge, Zara Phillips Tindall, Katherine Jenkins, Dita Von Teese and even Lady Gaga have made hat-wearing current and fun.

A fabulous hat is the perfect way to give your look the WOW factor and there are a multitude of options to choose from, whether it’s small and simple to fabulous and flamboyant.  If you would like more information on wearing hats ask me for a copy of my latest newsletter.

If you are not comfortable with a hat, how about a fascinator, they are not limited any more to a couple of feathery strands, they have become more elegant and some of them have such detail and size they are like half hats!

Fascinator - Monsoon £39.00

Fascinator – Monsoon £39.00

One more thing ….Not all of us feel comfortable baring our arms in the warmer months, and to wear a jacket is not always practical, so a dress with floaty, lightweight or lace sleeves is a preferable option.  Here are three ideas..

Floaty sleeve dresses

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