Wardrobe Audit

Do you look into your wardrobe and feel disheartened at what you see, and spend ages trying to put an outfit together? Let me help you de-clutter and provide a wardrobe that works for you.

We will start by discussing your requirements for your wardrobe by taking into consideration your lifestyle, style personality and budget. Once we have created the foundations, we can start looking through your wardrobe. Then we work out which clothes are the right colour and complement your body shape. We can then identify the items that work and should stay in your wardrobe. Then, we identify the items that could work with some alteration. We will also decide which items need to find a new home.

Assessing the clothes and styles in your wardrobe

A wardrobe that works for you

The audit will also consider your accessories, and advice given on how to keep your outfits current using them. Once the audit has been completed, we can identify any missing pieces in your clothing. From this list we can decide what your next key purchases are. At the end of the session, you will be on the way to having a wardrobe that works for you. Importantly, you will be able to put together an outfit without a long thought process, confident in how to dress for your body shape.

£40 per hour
(minimum 2hrs)

Style Consultation and Wardrobe Audit

This is similar to the style consultation, but held in the comfort of your own home, where we will audit your wardrobe and find out which areas are working for you, and why other areas aren’t. I can show you how to make the most of your clothing by advising how to combine pieces to get your clothes to work harder for you. If there are any key pieces missing from your wardrobe, we will identify them, and make a shopping list to help you with your future shopping trips.

Cost: £210
Option to purchase additional hours at £40 per hr.