The Inbetween Wardrobe

It’s that time of year again when one day is warm and sunny and the next day is grey, chilly and raining, and you find you are dipping into your summer wardrobe one day, but then having to revert to your winter wear the next.
How do we dress for this time of year? How do we bring Spring into our outfits and looks? We want to look current but also we want to feel warm. As the weather is so unreliable always be prepared for the worst weather and if a raincoat is just one extra thing you could do without, make sure you have a brolly and a scarf in your bag!
Layering is the way forward so whether it is cold and blustery or sunny and bright you are always prepared!

Where to start?

Start with leggings/jeggings/cotton trousers, rather than your winter jeans or maybe a lightweight top or dress and then start adding layers – jumpers, cardys, jackets and sleeves coats to finish it off.

layering3 16

layering2 16

Go lighter and a little bit brighter!

Look at the brighter colours in your palette and opt to inject them slowly into your outfits as Spring gets warmer. Use coloured belts, bags, scarves, shoes and jewellery to add Spring themes to your Winter staples.

Office wear 16

Gentle Blossoming

Think about material prints, we know floral is just one pattern that is in this Spring, so keep up to date and add something decorative to your clothing.  It doesn’t mean you have to dress head to toe like a botanical garden, a gentle nod to the trend would be fine. Try pinning a brooch to your jacket, or choose a light weight floral scarf rather than a woollen one. Look at your bag, is it a dark colour and heavy material?  What about looking at a lightweight bag to add to your outfit instead?

Floral Accessories16Floral Handbags 2016

Tip – When choosing your handbag, make sure you buy a suitable style for your own body shape, for example if you are a straight body line, choose the more square/sturdy types.  If you are lucky enough to have curves, choose a bag that’s softer.

What about your feet?   

Some days are flip flop worthy, but not many – yet! So now days are warmer pack away the knee high boots and go for the ankle boots instead.Change from a leather boot or shoe to a suede or canvas one, or think about some fun Spring coloured court shoes or trainers.

Floral and spring shoes 16

Spring Make-up

Although you are between clothes wardrobes, you also need to remember your make-up wardrobe and move between that too!  Some days may still need a foundation, whereas other days a tinted moisturiser may be all you reach for.  If you have your winter and summer foundation shades sorted, why not try to mix them together to get through Spring.  Try adding a bit of the lightweight tinted moisturiser to the back of your hand, and then add a little foundation and gently mix them before application.  This way your foundation will lighten in texture but will also have a little colour added and still give you the coverage you need.  It will look a lot more natural rather than adding a lot of bronzer. Look at including some brighter fresher colours to your eyes and lips.

Spring Make-up 2016