Stylish Raincoats

We know it’s the season to think coats, and this season it’s all about the Coatigan, Trench and Cape…..

Coats x 3

….. but what do you do if it’s raining?  I know there is always the umbrella option but it’s not always practical to hold an umbrella while, trying to get the children out of the house and into school, or taking the dog for a walk , or simply running to the shops either for retail therapy (who wants to be opening and closing wet brollies) or getting your errands done, it would be much easier just to pull a hood up and head out.

We’ve all got the practical rain coats that are in lots of outdoor shops, but they tend to be quite limited in colour and style, also, do you find that the top of your legs get soaked where the rain runs off the jacket onto your thighs?? Not good especially cycling home from the school drop off!

So what can we wear instead?  Choose a statement raincoat that is practical as well as being stylish.  It’s also ideal to wear over a more casual look to instantly lift your outfit without having to worry too much about what is going on underneath.  Just make sure you choose a coat in a colour of the season that suits you.  It will work wonders at keeping you looking up to date, vibrant, less tired and dry!! You could even take it one step further and grab a lipstick or lip gloss on the way out to give you an added boost of confidence.

Click here (Stylish Raincoats) to see where these stylish, practical and most importantly colourful raincoats can be found…

Stylish raincoats