Choosing The Right Glasses For You!



After being in more eye wear shops than I care to remember over the last few weeks, with one friend looking for a pair of sunglasses and another looking for some up to date specs, it has made me realise just how hard it is to find a pair to suit.

When you first walk in to the shop and see the walls brimming with all sorts of glasses you feel it will be easy to find a pair you love and the difficulty will be narrowing the list down. The reality is, there is an awful lot of trying on that needs to be done, and if you are lucky, you might find just one or two pairs that work for you.

Due to a rise in designers lending their names to glasses frames of late, thankfully the choice is much better than a few years ago. It is good to have the bigger choice of frames as your glasses have just as much impact on your outfit as any other accessory, especially as they are so prominently placed – so it is vital to get them right!

These days the opticians are very good at suggesting pairs to try (although not all fully understand about certain styles for face shapes) and many don’t know about colour. With this in mind I thought I would share some tips for the next time you need to choose a pair of glasses or sunglasses.


When trying different specs there are two things to think of.

1. Does the shape of the frame suit my face shape.
2. Does the colour work for my natural colouring (skin tone, hair and eye colour).

So let’s look at face shape and proportions to start with.

To keep your look in balance you should wear frames that are opposite in shape to your face…

Square or rectangular frames that are slightly wider than your face will make your face seem smaller.

Lightweight oval or rounded styles will suit you as the curves of the frames will soften the angular shape of the face.

For those of you lucky enough to have an Oval face shape, most shapes and styles will suit you so choose whatever takes your fancy, just ensure it works with your colouring and style personality.

To highlight the above rules for face shapes, click here and look at my Pintrest Board.

The board shows which glasses to wear for different face shapes. 

So hopefully, you have now sussed your face shape and therefore glasses shape, next you need to think about the colour of the frames.


For those of you that have had a colour consultation you can use your colour wallet  to help you choose, if however you don’t have a wallet or haven’t had your colours shown to you, think about your skin tone. The frames of your glasses should complement your skin tone and work with the colour palette in the rest of your wardrobe.

Is your skin more pinky (fair) with a cool/blue undertone (yellow would look completely wrong on you)? Look for silver, granite, black, cool blue tones etc.

If your skin tone has a warm/yellow undertone (you tan easily and peach colours look better than pinks), look for frames in brushed gold, rose gold, copper, bronze, tortoise shell.


Some opticians offer a buy one get one free deal – this is great if you are new to reading glasses and haven’t thought about reading on holiday.
Use your “get one free” for some prescription sunglasses – I’m so glad someone suggested that to me – I’d not even thought about it when I first needed my glasses.

It’s also important to consider occasions you may be wearing them for, as you may like one sensible pair for work and another for fun or for social engagements.


What I also found whilst shopping for glasses, is that sometimes the frames do come in other colours but they have not been displayed.

If you find some frames that you like but the colour is not right, check with the assistant as to whether they have alternative colours. They will need to check their on-line catalogue and may need to order the colour in to the store, so you may have to wait a while, but its best to check if you really like a particular shape.