Red Lips – Do you Dare?


As I was catching up with The Halcyon last night, it suddenly occurred to me that all the ladies were wearing red lipstick of different shades and how fabulous they all looked.  They all have different colourings but there was a shade to suit each girl.  Whether they worked the switchboard of the hotel, or indeed owned it, they all looked glamorous in a sophisticated way.  It made me start to think how much times had changed and how these days (for us normal girls – not talking celebrity), if you are over 30 years old, red lipstick just doesn’t really make so much of an appearance in our outfits – unless you enjoy a dramatic or creative personality!


As the years have gone by and fashions have changed, so did our feelings about red lipstick.  We would put red lipstick on and worry about looking like a lady of the night, when the look we wanted was a touch of glamour. Let’s be brave and start wearing it again – with pride!  Just make sure the rest of your make-up is not too heavy. I love the simple make-up style they are supporting in The Halcyon, it’s a plain eye, leaving the lips to do the talking which is obviously very reminiscent of the time (1940’s).

Many of us, on a day to day basis don’t have call to wear red lipstick and the thought of doing the school run or weekly shopping with red lips would fill us with horror.  With that in mind I thought I would do a little experiment.  Although I am working at home today, both for my job and also for the usual household chores, I thought I would get my red lipstick out and wear it just because.  Even though I am dressed in jeans and a woolly jumper, I do feel ever so slightly glam and definitely groomed! I’m going to be brave later and do the school run wearing my tomato lipstick and see what happens.  Will I get funny looks of “who does she think she is”, or will I get any compliments? It will be interesting to see if people react in the way we think they will if we do something different to our appearance.