Keeping Warm With a Scarf


The humble scarf has its roots in Rome when it was first used as a cloth to keep clean. Traditionally a man would carry it with him while he worked to mop up his perspiration, wearing it around his neck or on his belt.  Over the years it developed into something to keep us warm and cozy.  These days the scarf is not just a necessity but it ranks right up there as an accessory alongside jewellery and bags.  Whether it is warm or cold, a scarf never looks out of place.

As you know there are a lot of different types of scarves and a lot of different ways to tie and wear them. Here’s a few that are easy to find on the high street.


Infinity Scarf or Snood

If you get into a pickle tying scarves try this one, it is one loop of material (both ends sewn together) that can be worn in one or two loops around your neck.  Wonderfully simple to get right.  Remember to think about the weight of the material.  If you are petite a heavy wool scarf may swamp you, similarly, if you have a larger scale a thin jersey style will get lost and look out of proportion.  Think about the weight and pattern of material to ensure you have a well balanced look.



Blanket Scarf

Lovely and warm and fab for lots of different styles, knotted, tied, belted or draped. The scarf can double up as a throw or take it with you for those moments when you need a little extra warmth – in the office, watching the children from the sidelines, on long journeys etc. Many come in bright geometric and check patterns and can liven up any outfit.



Pintrest - Country House Outdoor

Pintrest – Country House Outdoor

Neck Scarf

This classic scarf has been around for ever, and with the large range of current and vintage scarves available, there are lots of ways to style them.  Go for a chic look and wear a high colour/pattern scarf with a tonal outfit. Have a look at the Pintrest board on how to tie these silk beauties.

Pintrest Board – Wearing And Tying Scarves