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Tory Tattersall

My husband first introduced me to Colour Me Beautiful when he bought me a consultation with a colour and style consultant for Christmas. The experience was quite literally life changing. I no longer needed a wardrobe full of various shades of brown! Immediately, I began implementing the ideas and colour schemes I had been shown by my colour and style consultant into my wardrobe. Shopping had become so much easier! I got comments such as “You look well”, “That colour really suits you” and “Wow, I would never have put those two colours together, but they really work”. Furthermore, I realised there was definitely something to be said for wearing the right colours.

Colour Me Beautiful Consultant Tory Tattersall

Colour me beautiful

The comments gave me such a confidence boost! The more I thought about it, the more passionate I became about helping others to have the same amazing experience I had. I wanted to spread the word about personal colour palettes! I trained with Europe’s leading image consultants, Colour Me Beautiful. Now, I am a fully qualified colour and style consultant.

Be happy with your look

My background is in Project Management within the broadcasting sector. I have since had a family, taken on part time work, and continued my Transform With Colour business. I know how easy it is to care for everyone else so much that we forget about ourselves. With my help as a colour and style consultant, I truly want to help you understand which colours are your colours. My goal is for you to feel good when you step out of the door in the morning. I want you to feel that with relatively little effort, you are confident and happy with the way you look.

Please give me a call to book your colour and style consultation. If you would like some further information before making a booking, I am more than happy to talk through your options and find the best solutions for you.