Ways to Wear Denim

Friday 27th of February 2015

Ways to wear denim
Ways to wear denim picture

Make room in your wardrobe for denim staples.  Denim is back and you can’t wear too much!

Whether it’s 70’s flares, boyfriend jeans, A line or pencil skirts, oversized jackets, dungarees or shirt dresses, you will look very “now” if you want to embrace denim.

For the weekend, go head to toe denim – how about your skinnies, ankle boots and an oversized denim jacket?  If you prefer a skirt or dress option, add a long sleeve top (until it warms up a bit) under a denim shirt dress and team with a fitted denim jacket or waistcoat.  The other great thing about the denim trend is that it doesn’t take much to dress it up or down, simply change your footwear and accessories.  Heels, boots, sandals, they will all work to complete your outfit and are perfect to add a bit of sparkle or colour to your look.

The New Season Rules

Double up – You don’t need to limit your outfit to just one piece of denim, choose two or three key pieces in tonal or contrasting colours. If you don’t want to be too daring by having similar colour denim top and bottom, try contrasting the colours i.e. light blue on the top half and dark blue on the bottom, or vice versa (depending on your shape). You don’t have to stick to plain denim either, liven your outfit up with stripes, spots, rips, patches and frays.
Layering is another key look; add that third item of denim to your outfit by way of a coat or jacket over a shirt. Get excited about the sleeveless jackets, either wear them over a denim shirt or use them to inject colour into your outfit by wearing a colourful long sleeve top underneath.

There is a fabulous selection to choose from and so many of them are on the high street, they cater for ladies with waists and those without – if you have a waist/curves do choose the dresses that have a drawstring or belt that bring you in at the waist, if you don’t have a waist then stick to the dresses that hang straight.  The three quarter length sleeve will look fabulous on everyone.

Yes they are back in, whether you try the shorts option or the full length.  So quick and easy for the weekend!

Locate your denim jacket, don’t just save them for your 80’s revival party, let them see the light and be confident to wear them again, knowing the look is very current.  Be mindful though of the colouring of the denim against your own natural colouring.  A mid wash blue will work for all, but a dark blue will look better on the dark haired ladies and those with ash tones to their hair.  Similarly a light blue will be best for the light to dark blonde ladies.

One more thing to consider about denim, before you buy, think about the weight of the fabric.  If you are a curvy lady, you will need denim with stretch built in or you will find it too restrictive.  Your fabric should be light to medium in weight.  If your body line is straighter, mid to heavier fabrics will work better and flatter your figure.

If you love denim but just one piece is enough for you – that’s fine, wear a colourful print blouse or block colour top with your jeans or maybe under a chic lightweight pinafore dress. There are even denim, rucksacks, bags, purses and shoes, so if denim jeans or dresses are still not really you, yet you like the look, treat yourself to a denim accessory.

Bag - Paperchase


This seasons denim pieces are available in all price brackets, designer to high street, so regardless of your budget you will find something that you can look up to date and fabulous in.