Wardrobe Audit

Friday 12th of September 2014

Wardrobe Audit


Get ready for the new season and have a good wardrobe clear out. Don’t forget your chest of drawers and any boxes hidden under your bed!

WARNING – You will need most of the day to do this!

Before you get stuck in and start grabbing armfuls of clothes, have a think about what you actually like wearing and perhaps what you would like to wear.  Imagine your complete outfit – shoes, bag and other accessories. A good tool for getting your ideas into a scrapbook type form, is Pinterest – Https://Uk.Pinterest.Com/ it is full of ideas and allows you to create your own moodboard that can be saved and referred to later. Now you have an idea of what you really like, think about your lifestyle, do the clothes you currently have in your wardrobe work for you?  It is no good if most of your wardrobe is made up of corporate wear clothes, when you are now at home with young children or retired or have embarked on a new vocation where casual attire is the norm! Imagine a pie chart, split it into slices of how you spend your time, and make a note of the outcome so you can come back to it once your wardrobe has been organised.  Once your wardrobe is organised, it will be easier to see if you have the right amount of outfits for your lifestyle.

So now you are ready to tackle your wardrobe.  The plan is to end up with 3 piles of clothes.
Pile 1 – Clothes you will keep Pile 2 – Clothes you might keep Pile 3 – Clothes to be got rid of.
Go through each piece of clothing in your wardrobe and decide which pile you will send it to.  It is worth noting at this stage, that deciding on the right pile for your garment will be made a lot easier if you have had a colour and style consultation.  It is easier because you can really think about whether the item is the right/wrong colour or the right/wrong style for your body shape.  Work through your wardrobe thinking about your lifestyle, whether it would fit into your “scrapbook” and whether you have worn the item in the last year – if not, pile 3!

Once you have your 3 piles, go through them a pile at the time.

Pile 1 – Organise your clothes into categories i.e. trousers, skirts, tops, jackets etc. and group them in colour within their categories, this will make it more helpful when choosing your daily outfits.

Pile 2 – Firstly check all pieces in this pile against the pieces you have in pile 1.  Don’t duplicate items, there is no point hanging onto another navy jacket when you already have 3 in pile 1.

It may be your favourite top that you have worn every weekend for the last few years, but really look at it.  Is it looking tired, discoloured or dated?  Perhaps it is time to replace it?
Remember, not everything if dated, needs to be replaced.  It may simply need tweaking! For example a hem line adjustment or some new buttons may completely change a garment and bring it up to date, making it worthy for pile 1.  Go through your pile carefully examining each piece, can it be adjusted?

Pile 3 – There are lots of options for getting rid of clothes so have a think about them before you head to the tip!
1) Do you have a friend that would benefit from an item (or two)
2) Sell the more expensive items on line or in a second hand dress shop
3) Donate to a charity shop

Now you know which clothes you are keeping, you are ready to put them back in the wardrobe, but before you do, make sure you give the wardrobe a good clean.  Check your coat hangers and get rid of any wire hangers and keep any wooden, plastic, padded or clipped coat hangers.
Use wooden hangers for coats and jackets etc, hangers with clips for trousers and skirts, padded hangers for all your lightweight and delicate garments and plastic hangers for blouses, shirts, long cardigans and dresses (in a lighter fabric).
Once your clothes are on the hangers, remember to zip up the zips and button up any button holes, this will ensure the clothing hangs straight. Don’t forget to make sure all the hangers are facing the same way.


When your clothes are back in the wardrobe, have a final check to see if there is anything missing that would create the right selection of clothes for your daytime and evenings out.  Have another shuffle, if you find you have too much of one type of outfit, perhaps condense your wardrobe further and remember to note down where you may need to build your wardrobe up a bit.  Before you shop, check your “scrapbook” for ideas so you have a clear image of what you are going out to buy.  Look at your pie chart to make sure it represents your wardrobe, do you really need that new fleece or corporate suit?