Time for a Make-Up Update?

Sunday 31st of May 2015

Have you checked your make-up bag recently?  Is it time to refresh what you have, and lighten and brighten your colours for summer? Definitely!!

It is really important to remember, that like your clothes, the colours you wear for make-up make a huge positive impact if you get your look right.

nail varnish
To celebrate the Colour Me Beautiful new range of nail varnishes, lets have a look at nail and lip colours that work well together.  Both easy to apply and make an immediate impression. To help you decide which are the best colour combinations for your lip pencil, lipstick and nail varnish, I have listed below some celebrities you can liken yourself to and suggested some great colours for the various dominants. Lets get you red carpet ready for this summer!

G Paltrow - Light

If your look is similar to the very light blonde and pale-skinned Gwyneth Paltrow (Light colouring) you will look radiant in the lightest of shades.

Choose delicate and creamy SANDALWOOD lipstick with NATURAL lip pencil and light nude nails with EVER AFTER.

P Cruz - Deep

If you are a dark-haired and dark-eyed beauty like Penelope Cruz (Deep colouring) you want a lipstick with depth of colour.

Go for RUBY lipstick with CRIMSON lip pencil and DROP DEAD RED for the nails.

J Moore - Warm
From strawberry blonde to fiery red, if you are a ravishing redhead like Julianne Moore (Warm colouring) then keep your colours warm.

For your lips wear summery SHEER BREEZE lipstick with a NATURAL lip pencil and the shimmering orange-rust shade of SMOKIN’ HOT on your nails.

H Mirren - Cool

Do you have striking white or silver hair like Helen Mirren (Cool colouring)?

Make the most of your pinks and wear glamorous SHEER FIESTA lipstick and ROSE lip pencil.  Keep your nails cool and nude with KISS MY HIBISCUS on your nails.

E Blunt - Clear

You have dazzling eyes and dark hair like Emily Blunt, so you want a bright lipstick to compliment this contrast of bright against dark in your (Clear) colouring.

Get WARM PINK for your lip shade with CANTELOUPE lip pencil and go bold on the nails with KISS MY HIBISCUS.

K Minogue - Soft

If you have medium-blonde hair and a similar colouring to the gorgeous Kylie Minogue (Soft colouring) then choose a pretty lip colour – SPICED PEACH with SPICE lip pencil and a soft nail shade with NUDE SCENE.