Do you need help to apply your make-up?

Friday 11th of October 2013

This month I want to help you have a better idea on how to apply your make-up and understand why it is so important to wear the right colours for YOU.  There are  lots of ideas and tips with the Colour Me Beautiful videos that I have provided links to below. These concentrate on different parts of the face and how to apply basic day wear make-up and then learn how to take your make-up through to the evening.

Is your make-up making the most of you? Does it look current and flatter your features? Are you choosing the most flattering colours?

There are so many different brands, products and colours of make-up out there, and it seems every month there is a different colour or look that is “in”.  If you don’t follow make-up trends and news, it can get slightly overwhelming or confusing if you are not sure about how to use certain products or where to apply them!  Like clothes, it is really important to know what suits you and stick to it.  Colour Me Beautiful’s range of cosmetics that were developed to complement the typical colouring types within the colour analysis system, enhance and flatter the wearer’s look rather than distracting from it. Knowing what specific colours to develop was achieved by looking at what tones, shades and colours will suit different people. If you do follow the latest trends, by all means follow the application rules, but if the colour of the moment isn’t in your palette, you can always substitute it for a similar colour that is.

Make-Up tutorial pics

The first step is to make sure you choose the right products  to ensure a good make-up.

You then need to learn how to use your make-up tools (including your fingers!) and how to apply it to flatter your features. You will then find it easier to create a simple daily routine that you can build on.

Colour Me Beautiful has teamed up with make-up artist Victoria Barnes to create six tutorials to help you with your make-up application techniques.

Applying Make-Up Pictures

The first video is about the technique used to apply foundation and concealer.

The next about how to apply your eye make-up.

Next your blusher

Then your lipstick

Take your look from daytime to evening

And lastly – Ever fancied getting that flick right on your eyeliner?

Get in touch to find out what your BEST colours are!