Leave the Dark Evenings Behind and Step into Spring

Monday 10th of March 2014

This month I want talk about the colour I am embracing for March, share some new Colour Me Beautiful products and finally, at the end of the blog,  I want to touch on packing.  I went away with my family at half term and after spending nearly all week prior to leaving, deciding on what to take, I came home with only half my clothes worn – does this happen to you??



Let’s celebrate Spring with colour.  There is so much out there to choose from, wear a colour head to toe, or wear colour in slightly different tones and textures in a chosen palette (think aqua, sky blue and lilac together) or bring together different shades.

My colour of the Month

My chosen colour this month is yellow.  It’s a colour that a lot of ladies shy away from, and if you have a cool undertone to your skin, you should, unless you wear it as an accessory and away from your face!  However if you have a warm undertone, yellow is a fabulous colour to pick you up after the darker clothes of the winter.  Looking around there is a lot of yellow starting to appear in gardens and countryside with daffodils and crocus, in fact I have just donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care so am wearing my little yellow daffodil with pride.  Last year I was at a lovely WI group giving a talk and they asked me to judge a competition they had running that evening.  The ladies had been asked to bring something yellow with them to put into the competition, we had a tennis ball, yellow pages, banana to name a few!  If you had to take something yellow to enter into a competition, what would it be – send me your ideas!

Marie Curie Cancer Care

So are you ready for some sunshine?  If you are, say hello to yellow!  The bold yellows are best for Warms as well as Deeps and Clears with warm skin tones.  Mix your yellows with other shades in your palette. The Warms can wear it with browns, orange reds and even lime.  The Deeps with Olive or Burgundy; whilst the Clears can mix their yellow with their blues and greens – there are plenty more ways to wear your yellows, so don’t be shy.  The pastel shades are good for Softs and they can make it look softer still by mixing their yellow with neutral greys or taupes. Pale primrose looks fresh as a daisy on Lights and mixed with white will look beautifully crisp for Spring.   Soft textured materials will tone it down.

Hello Yellow 2

If you had to choose a colour for March, what would your colour be?  Don’t forget to let me know though!

Exciting news up next…. Colour Me Beautiful announced at their spring meeting they have some new products to share with everyone, hurrah I hear you say!!
The first of these new products is the Colour Me Beautiful Book – a new and improved version:-

New CMB Book

This new edition of Colour Me Beautiful has even more tips and advice to ensure you look good on the outside and feel good on the inside.  Some of the new features of the book are:- an expanded colour section, a new chapter on Your Working Wardrobe, tips on looking current and dressing from office to evening.

The expanded colour section now provides advice suitable for everyone whether they are Caucasian, Asian, Black or Oriental.

Deep colour selection Light colour selection

Your Working Wardrobe Section
In depth advice on how to create a capsule wardrobe that best fits your lifestyle – whether it be changing from a more formal to a casual environment, returning to work after a career break or just starting out in your career.  These have been split up into case studies. See the pages below…..

Working wardrobe pictureCase Study - Formal

And lots more important reading, here are a couple more pages to give you a teaser…..

Women should have curvesWho can wear what


As well as the new book, Colour Me Beautiful have introduced:-

6 New Lipstick Shades

New Lipstick 2

7 New Nail Varnish colours to tempt you

Layout 1

1 New Velvet Foundation Primer


And available mid March are 9 new scarves, I will let you know more in next months newsletter.  I think you will agree, lots to be excited about!


As I mentioned earlier in the blog, I have returned home from holiday with most of my clothes unworn, and I know I am not alone in this.  We don’t want to go to all the effort of packing, if we are not going to wear what we have put in our suitcase, so what can we do?
Well I think a very good idea is to either have a list that we take out each time we go away – showing us what we needed last time we had a holiday, or

We could have a perfect packing plan and a set of rules to follow.  Colour Me Beautiful have made it easier for us by putting together just that.  In the new book, the section of how to pack goes on to show how to plan each day, what to wear and how many of each article of clothing to take.  It is well worth purchasing for anyone who struggles to pack.  I will definitely be using it the next time we go away!  Another source of help is this great website I have found – they give tips and suggestions about what to wear and therefore pack when travelling to different countries. Just select the country you are travelling to and receive lots of helpful information:-  Www.Whattowearonholiday.Com

So what are you waiting for? Start thinking about your next holiday, as packing has been made so much easier for you!!