Layering up through Summer when it is cold

Friday 30th of June 2017

Layering Up Through Summer When It Is Cold

With the weather and temperatures as varied as they are it is hard to stay warm and with everyone fed up of the winter wardrobe and wanting to embrace their summer clothes how do we do it.  Early last month I started mixing my wardrobes so for example I would wear a summery bottom half (i.e. white jeans/trousers) with a warmer top half i.e. polo neck/jumper and jackets.  I have continued to do this but really now I think we need to layer, but what coat can we wear that keeps us looking seasonal and stylish.

If we are going to treat ourselves to a new outer layer, invest in pieces choosing one of your neutral colours like taupe, stone, pewter, charcoal, navy etc that way it remains versatile and will work through all the seasons and will be a staple piece in your wardrobe for years to come.  The garment should also complement our more casual clothes as well as our more dressy pieces.

Sold by ARITZIA – Rosie Huntinton-Whiteley on Pintrest

Sold by ARITZIA – Rosie Huntinton-Whiteley on Pintrest


This has to be a staple piece in our wardrobes these days with our British temperatures.  Stylish for summer and cosy for winter.  It is easily wearable with either jeans, t-shirt, trainers etc or how about wearing it over a dress?  The dress can be worn with flats or heels.  For smarter days in winter wear it with a polo neck/shirt/blouse and tailored trousers.


Fashion Enzyme on Pintrest


The blazer is a favourite in my wardrobe, I love pulling together an outfit with a smart blazer, whether it’s with tailored trousers or a dress for the office or jeans and a T shirt for casual wear. You can also dress the jeans and blazer outfit up by adding some nice gold/rose gold or silver jewellery and don’t forget a simple classy belt on show.



From Topshop on Pintrest

From Topshop on Pintrest


Denim never goes away thankfully, and this year is no exception, there are so many different denim jackets in the shops this season. The trend is to wear the jacket hanging off your shoulders, but I personally think that look is better left to the 20 somethings! If you are going to choose denim make sure you choose a colour in your palette. You’ll find a lot of denim that is embroidered too – perfect for family festivals! Dark denim will look best with dark hair and light denim will look best with light blonde hair. If you are dark blonde, mid brown or red haired, opt for the mid tone denim.



From 6th Sense of Style on Pintrest

From 6th Sense of Style on Pintrest

Biker Jacket

We can’t not add the biker jacket to this list. It’s so versatile, depending on your personality you can choose from a variety of styles. Obviously there are plenty of the traditional styles around but there are also jackets in bold colours, pastel colours, suede styles and embroidered backs or for the daring go all out for studs, zips and tassels. As with the jackets above, the biker jacket can be worn with a dress (full on evening or shift styles), jeans, shorts, skirts or trousers – you can rock it all.


Alternatively you can have a blanket round your shoulders and a fire pit roaring beside you as I have while typing this up – well it is evening and I’m not planning on bumping into anyone outside my family!!