Handbags – What to look for before you buy!

Wednesday 2nd of April 2014

Red-yellow bags

Your handbag is not only used to carry your personal items it also makes a statement about your style personality.  Wearing the wrong bag can ruin an outfit so here are some tips on how to get it right with your bags.

♥One bag does not suit all occasions.  Do you use the same bag to go to work, the gym, go out to dinner, do the shopping, take the children out for the day? Is it time to think about the fact that to be stylish and create the look you want, you may need more than one bag?

♦Try to start a collection of bags that are appropriate for your lifestyle, for example, you wouldn’t take the robust rucksack you use for days out with the kids to a business meeting or a formal leather bag to go out for an evening meal.

♥Always try before you buy.  It might sound obvious, but make sure it doesn’t slip off your shoulder, or become too large to sit under your arm when full.  Make sure that when a more structured bag is full it doesn’t become too heavy to carry or uncomfortable.

♦When trying your bag out, look in the mirror, your bag should be in proportion to the rest of your body.  For example a large bag will overwhelm and dominate a petite person and a small bag will be totally lost on a grand scale woman.

♥Does the bag suit your body shape?  A bag should follow your body lines, for example if you have curves a softer more unstructured bag will work better.  If you have a straight lined body shape then opt for the more structured bag that reflects the angles of your body.

♦Think about where your bag is resting.  If you are a triangle shape (wider hips than shoulders) and your bag rests on your hips, it will draw attention to this area making your hips appear wider – this would work well for an inverted triangle (wider shoulders than hips).  Also bags that are carried with shorter straps that rest under the arm will draw attention to that area, so if you have a big bust think about either having a longer strap or carrying the bag in your hand to divert attention to a different area.

♥Consider your lifestyle.  If you spend most of your time with the children, a handbag with shorter straps that needs to be carried either in the crook of your arm or in your hand may not be practical. It may be easier to think about a long strap to go across your body leaving your hands free – for smaller hands!!

♦If your style personality is such that lots of bags really isn’t your thing, you can probably get away with three bags, one for work, one for casual use and one for the evening.

♥What about colour?  Invest in bags that will work with the colour of your clothes and won’t clash, you don’t need to be all matchy matchy, but consider whether you are of a warm or cool colouring and whether a deep or dark colour may overpower your outfit if your wardrobe is made up of lighter colours.

♦Unless you are a classic style personality, you don’t need to match your bag to your shoes (unless perhaps they are dark colours), have fun with your bags and use them as the perfect accessory to complete your outfit.

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