Get Ready to Accessorise!

Tuesday 3rd of December 2013

Necklace - OrnateIt’s December, which means it’s party time, so lets have fun with our accessories.  For me, accessories are the most important part of an outfit and totally transform your look by using them to dress up or down! Choose either colourful gems or sparkly pieces to instantly take your outfit up a gear.  By using accessories that are in at the moment, you can straight away bring your look up to date. Accessories that can be used with different outfits for different occasions are the best to invest in.  Not only will you always look well turned out, but you keep the cost down, rather than buying lots of different “bits” that you can only wear with one outfit. Think also about your shoes and handbags! Shoes will instantly date an outfit if you get it wrong or wear a pair that have been at the back of the wardrobe for years.  However, if you choose wisely, a pair of colourful, sparkly party shoes and a beautifully elaborate clutch could keep you in Christmas parties for a few years! By using your accessories cleverly, you will increase the size of your wardrobe as you will be able to create so many more looks.  Remember that accessories should add to an outfit and strengthen your look, whether you are a creative or dramatic personality and would rather wear big out there pieces, or have a natural or classic personality that would prefer something that doesn’t make too much of a statement – be free to express your own personality through the look you create with accessories.

The Statement Necklace

Statement Necklaces

This piece of jewellery is well worth investing in as you can lift an outfit immediately. Team it with jeans and heels or jeans and T Shirt to transform your look.  Combine it with a simple party dress to make a WOW impact but remember, if the dress already makes a statement on its own, don’t add a statement necklace too as you could find yourself making too many statements – unless of course that is your intention! There are so many statement necklaces to choose from, but a good tip is to buy one with a few extra links so you can adjust it to sit at the right length for your outfit.


Pearls are back

I am loving that pearls are no longer associated with twin set and conservative types, they are now in the shops making a fashionable statement again.  This seasons look is ‘heirloom’, so if you have chance to route around in your Mum or Grandma’s jewellery box, see if you can find some pearls, bring them out into the light and be proud to show them off.  If you want to keep your look more subtle, pearls are an excellent choice, but you can also use them to make a statement by teaming them with mock diamonds – pearls and sparkles, simply fabulous! If you are into pearls, it’s worth noting there is a Pearl Exhibition at the V&A Museum in London until 19th January 2014.

Pointed Shoes 

Pointed Shoes

Pointy shoes are back – probably because of the current lady like look that is in fashion at the moment.  These chic and sexy shoes look more of a going out shoe, but they can work with everything from shorts to jeans to party dresses and they are fabulous for making your legs look longer and in good shape. There are lots of different designs and colours – slingbacks, cutaways, shoes that show toe cleavage, bold, bright, two tone, sparkles, ankle straps etc, the list is endless.  Whichever style or colour you decide on, make sure they go with a few outfits not just one!  The best thing about this style of shoe is they will look elegant in any shade.  If you are thinking of going more neutral in colour, maybe you could buy the shoes in an intriguing fabric to inject a bit of fun? If you find it difficult to wear heals and would prefer flats, try a pointed ballet shoe with diamante on the toe!

Clutch Bags

Clutch bag

Although the clutch bag was originally designed for the evening (not so much to carry around – supposedly), we are now seeing bigger clutch bags being used for the day time too.  If you could handle this look, go for it.  You may find you would like to try this style but perhaps not with a totally embellished clutch, why not try something like an animal print mixed with leather, a statement but a more subtle one! Use it in the day or out with the girls at night! If you don’t fancy clutching your bag all night, opt for one with a chain.


Tights go sheer

This season the look is sheer, whatever you are wearing.  They can be any colour, black through to nude, but make sure if they are nude you match them as closely as possible to your skin tone.  Remember also to keep your legs moisturised and in good condition. Tip – Don’t wear tight socks just before changing for your evening out or you will be able to see the sock marks around your ankle for at least half of the night!




Although these are not party wearing, I wanted to add them in because they really do a fab job of pepping up an outfit.  The days of hat hair are a thing of the past with new styles to wear your hair whilst donning head candy! Wear a casual ponytail at the nape of your neck and accessorise with a beret. Or how about wearing your hair loose with a wide brimmed hat? Particularly good for long or oval shaped faces.  Try knotting your hair into an undone bun at the nape of your neck and team with a textured cap.  If you have short hair try an ear warming headband – keeps your hair in place and prevents any kinks!  Have you seen the new turban beanie?  Looks great with long hair – add texture to your hair to create a wavy surfer look then add the turban beanie! Don’t forget the Fedora – how about a side plait?  If you have a full fringe, try a bowler hat tilted back to stop your fringe getting crumpled.

Your Smile



The best accessory a girl can have is her smile, so make sure your lipstick is perfect.  Remember you will want to change the lipstick you wore on warmer days, to something a little stronger for the winter months.  Don’t forget to take extra care of your lips now it has got colder and moisturise well.  Use a lip base and lip liner under your lipstick to set the colour and ensure a lasting finish.


You don’t need to spend a fortune to pick up some great accessories – try New Look, Primark, M&S, Miss Selfridge (who have particularly beautiful accessories this year), Zara and Banana Republic – to name a few high street names.  There are also lots of on-line sites that offer so much to choose from without having to battle the Christmas shoppers – here are three to get you started… ASOS, Very and a new jewellery site Astrid & Miyu (