Colourful Sportswear

Wednesday 21st of January 2015

Colourful Sportswear

Are you looking to get fit or fitter this year? It’s January and it may mean you’ve piled on a few pounds over the fun-filled festive season, and, like me, are now looking to detox and reverse the effects of your Christmas indulgence.  Most people don’t want to be good and watch what they eat over Christmas, abstaining from cocktails, party foods, feasts and mince pies, but we all know that we will have our work cut out come January!

With this in mind I have signed up to 3 exercise classes per week – how long I will be able to keep it up is anyone’s guess!  As I donned my lycra and stood bare faced looking in the mirror, I wondered what I could do to make this whole display of myself somewhat easier to accept.  At my exercise class this morning, I looked around and almost everyone was wearing black or white/off white tops which are not the best colours for many people.  The ladies in my class were working hard and totally committed to their fitness but it made me think about how much more radiant we would look in colour – a colour that was right for us as individuals.

Colourful yoga

© Iofoto | – Women doing Fitness Photo

Wearing a top in a colour that flatters our natural colouring, would make it less painful to be make-up free.  This is because if the colour you are wearing is right, your face appears to be lit from underneath, your skin appears smoother, fresher and younger; lines and blemishes are minimised and your eye colour is enhanced. The tightness of clothes would eventually become less of an issue when we realised that nobody was looking at any other part of our bodies, other than our faces! And of course, don’t forget, we would be toning up after all the exercise we had been doing!!

Colourful running tops

© Arne9001 | – People In Gym On Treadmill Running Photo

I have looked into where to buy colourful sportswear (as the usual  sports shops tend to have the same standard colours, black, white, cerise pink and the very strong blue) and  I find that the high street is embracing sports clothing and some have even launched their first fitness ranges for 2015.  Have a look at M&S, F&F at Tesco, New Look, Misguided (Active), BooHoo (Fit), H&M and StellaSport – a collaboration between Stella McCartney and Adidas – lots of bright colours at reasonable prices!!  Some of the collections can be used for not only the gym but also for lazy Sunday meet ups or even just being out and about!  Don’t forget that it is not so important what you wear on the bottom half, so if you have a limited budget, keep the black bottoms and invest in a new colourful top.

If you need a little more motivation about getting up, getting out and getting fit, would a new sports kit in YOUR colours, be the key?? If you are in the mood for colour shopping – perhaps a new sports bag too – of course in the right colour!!

Change your black for a burst of colour – it can work wonders!!

 – when looking for shapes of fitness tops, those of us who don’t have a waist may find it more difficult to spot a top they like, that doesn’t make them feel restricted and on show. Have a think about looking at the small/medium tops in the mens section – they are not so waisted and can feel more comfortable!