Layering up through Summer when it is cold


Layering Up Through Summer When It Is Cold With the weather and temperatures as varied as they are it is hard to stay warm and with everyone fed up of the winter wardrobe and wanting to embrace their summer clothes how do we do it.  Early last month I started mixing my wardrobes so for […]

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Red Lips – Do you Dare?


Red Lips – Do you Dare?   As I was catching up with The Halcyon last night, it suddenly occurred to me that all the ladies were wearing red lipstick of different shades and how fabulous they all looked.  They all have different colourings but there was a shade to suit each girl.  Whether they […]

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Happy New Year – Introducing Pantone’s Greenery


It’s 2017, so we have a new colour of the year from Pantone.  The colour they have chosen is Greenery – officially called 15-0343 TCX Greenery. The colour is described as a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.” Laurie Pressman, vice president with Pantone […]

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New Year’s Eve – What Will You Wear?


What about New Years Eve? Where are you going and what to wear? If you are having a dinner dance and you want to sparkle, make sure your outfit has some sequins on so it catches the low lighting and disco lights!   What about a jacket?   I love this look……. Rather than splashing out on […]

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Keeping Warm


Keeping Warm With a Scarf The humble scarf has its roots in Rome when it was first used as a cloth to keep clean. Traditionally a man would carry it with him while he worked to mop up his perspiration, wearing it around his neck or on his belt.  Over the years it developed into something to keep […]

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Autumn Outfit Ideas for your Palette


Autumn trends using your palette I thought I would put together some ideas of how to wear some of your colours from the different palettes.  This will also give you an idea of styles that are around in the shops at the moment.

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Specs Appeal


Choosing The Right Glasses For You!   After being in more eye wear shops than I care to remember over the last few weeks, with one friend looking for a pair of sunglasses and another looking for some up to date specs, it has made me realise just how hard it is to find a […]

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The Inbetween Wardrobe


The Inbetween Wardrobe It’s that time of year again when one day is warm and sunny and the next day is grey, chilly and raining, and you find you are dipping into your summer wardrobe one day, but then having to revert to your winter wear the next. How do we dress for this time […]

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Vintage Inspired Bikinis


Vintage Inspired Bikinis   Pintrest With the summer months fast approaching, I am so excited to see many of the new seasons bikini trends are leaning towards the vintage theme.  There seems to have been a movement towards a higher waist fit bikini bottom.  Many people will continue to love and wear the regular hip styled […]

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Feeling Floral?


Feeling Floral? Spring has officially sprung, the clocks have changed, our days are longer and the skies are brighter. Now is the perfect time to take stock of your wardrobe, de-clutter and pick up some fresh pieces for the months ahead. If you haven’t tried florals before then now is the time! Here is some inspiration on how […]

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New – Eye Shadow Trio’s


New – Eye Shadow Trio’s So, the next new cosmetics to introduce you to are the Eye Shadow Trio’s, one for a warm skin tone and one for a cool skin tone. Here’s the ad:- Colour Sense Eye Shadow Trios combine expertly coordinated shades in one convenient portable palette. Pearl, shimmer and matte textures merge […]

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Corrective Colour Wheel


Corrective Colour Wheel Freshly back from the Colour Me Beautiful Spring Conference in London at the weekend, and I am excited to share the new products that Colour Me Beautiful have launched.  The first one to share with you is the Corrective Colour Wheel. A lot of us currently use either the mint and or the natural primer […]

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Stylish Raincoats


Stylish Raincoats We know it’s the season to think coats, and this season it’s all about the Coatigan, Trench and Cape….. ….. but what do you do if it’s raining?  I know there is always the umbrella option but it’s not always practical to hold an umbrella while, trying to get the children out of […]

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Which Red is the right Red lipstick for you?


Which Red is the right Red lipstick for you? Party time will be here very soon and as the festive season approaches you may want to start thinking about what you’re going to wear… for the office party, the works do, Christmas Day, Boxing Day….. the list goes on and on!  It’s not just your […]

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Colour me Beautiful – New Eye Shadows Autumn/Winter 2015


15 New Eye Shadow Shades As we step out of summer and into the new season, Colour me Beautiful have introduced 15 new shades of eye shadows. They are:- To help you choose your shades, here is a guide on who can wear what: Eye Shadow Shades 2015 The eye shadows have a new packaging […]

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What to Wear to a Wedding


What do you wear to a Wedding/Formal Occasion? There are so many different dress codes required for weddings or formal occasions these days and it can cause a lot of worry and stress trying to get your look right. The first thing to do before you start your shopping trip, is to check with the […]

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Time for a Make-Up Update?


Have you checked your make-up bag recently?  Is it time to refresh what you have, and lighten and brighten your colours for summer? Definitely!! It is really important to remember, that like your clothes, the colours you wear for make-up make a huge positive impact if you get your look right. To celebrate the Colour […]

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Stripes and How to Wear Them


Stripes and How To Wear Them Nothing says Spring like a classic Breton stripe staple. But how should YOU wear stripes?  Body shapes and the direction of the stripe should be taken into consideration before embarking on this lovely nautical look. This season you can find stripes in everything be it blazers, tops, trousers, shoes, bags, hats, watches, socks and […]

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Ways to Wear Denim


Ways to wear denim Make room in your wardrobe for denim staples.  Denim is back and you can’t wear too much! Whether it’s 70’s flares, boyfriend jeans, A line or pencil skirts, oversized jackets, dungarees or shirt dresses, you will look very “now” if you want to embrace denim. For the weekend, go head to toe denim […]

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Pantone colour of the year 2015 – Marsala


  Marsala is Pantone colour of the year for 2015. It is an elegant colour, but not necessarily easy to wear.  Here at Colour Me Beautiful, we know how to work colour to everyone’s best advantage.  If you have a soft and muted colouring and favour chic and understated looks, you can wear it head-to-toe.  For […]

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Colourful Sportswear


Colourful Sportswear Are you looking to get fit or fitter this year? It’s January and it may mean you’ve piled on a few pounds over the fun-filled festive season, and, like me, are now looking to detox and reverse the effects of your Christmas indulgence.  Most people don’t want to be good and watch what they […]

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Wardrobe Audit


Wardrobe Audit Get ready for the new season and have a good wardrobe clear out. Don’t forget your chest of drawers and any boxes hidden under your bed! WARNING – You will need most of the day to do this! Before you get stuck in and start grabbing armfuls of clothes, have a think about […]

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Trouser Styles And Body Shapes


With all the fab colours and prints in the shops right now for tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets and all-in-ones, it seems the trousers in particular are out there in force – but which style will work with our body shapes? There are so many styles such as jeans, shorts, jumpsuits, baggy – tapered at the ankle, […]

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Handbags – What to look for before you buy!


Your handbag is not only used to carry your personal items it also makes a statement about your style personality.  Wearing the wrong bag can ruin an outfit so here are some tips on how to get it right with your bags. ♥One bag does not suit all occasions.  Do you use the same bag […]

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Leave the Dark Evenings Behind and Step into Spring


This month I want talk about the colour I am embracing for March, share some new Colour Me Beautiful products and finally, at the end of the blog,  I want to touch on packing.  I went away with my family at half term and after spending nearly all week prior to leaving, deciding on what to […]

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Valentines Day – Make it all about YOU


It’s the month of St Valentine, so why not love yourself (as well as others) and boost your body confidence! All of us have areas of our bodies we like and areas we would rather just hide.  The trick is to learn to dress for your own body shape and not those of your idol or […]

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Introducing this years new colour: Radiant Orchid


  “Expressive, exotic Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and warmth” Pantone Pantone has revealed its colour of the year 2014 – Radiant Orchid! Now, I am sure some of you will be really pleased and others maybe not so!  Radiant Orchid is a real in between colour – not really a purple, but too purple […]

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Get Ready to Accessorise!


It’s December, which means it’s party time, so lets have fun with our accessories.  For me, accessories are the most important part of an outfit and totally transform your look by using them to dress up or down! Choose either colourful gems or sparkly pieces to instantly take your outfit up a gear.  By using accessories that are in […]

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Do you need help to apply your make-up?


This month I want to help you have a better idea on how to apply your make-up and understand why it is so important to wear the right colours for YOU.  There are  lots of ideas and tips with the Colour Me Beautiful videos that I have provided links to below. These concentrate on different […]

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The Leather Trend Autumn/Winter 2013


Leather hasn’t always been price-friendly or easy to pull off, but since its comeback in recent years, we are enjoying it as an integral wardrobe piece. So, for the autumn/winter 2014 leather trend, look beyond the biker jacket and consider leather skirts, trousers and dresses too. Forget about ‘faux’ leather or ‘pleather’ and go for […]

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